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Jalea Jackson is an Atlanta-based Director, Producer, and Editor who aims to create films that spark conversation.


Jalea has won multiple awards for her work as an editor, filmmaker, and producer. Her work has been screened in festivals worldwide, including Sundance, Cannes Film Festival, the New Orleans Film Festival, and many more. Her short film, "Things With Feathers", a short narrative that challenges the cultural silence black women have created as a coping method for sexual assault, has won several awards and had successful screenings in New Orleans (New Orleans Film Festival), Los Angeles (Pan African Film Festival), and Atlanta (Atlanta Independent Film Festival). In 2018, a short film she edited, "Blood Runs Down", won "Best Louisiana Short" at the New Orleans Film Festival.


Jalea was the Assistant Editor and DIT for the Sundance 2021 Award-Winning Feature Film "Ma Belle My Beauty", a New Orleanian-French-inspired love story. She also was the Assistant Editor for the feature documentary "Commuted", and the Hulu Documentary "Look At Me: XXXTentacion".


Jalea is the founder of Jalea Jackson Productions (JJP) and currently serves as a Video Producer and Editor for Victory Church. Through her work, Jalea intentionally focuses on telling stories centered on highlighting the culture and authenticity of marginalized communities and the human condition while reclaiming the narrative of stories that are often misconstrued or untold.



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